What is Kalos?

Kalos provides small grants to causes and people with big potential. We want to see a world with less poverty, stronger communities, and greater opportunity for people outside the traditional networks of power. A Kalos grant is a seed. We choose recipients who can grow it into something great.

We are backed by anonymous funding and do not seek publicity, fame, or notoriety. We do not accept grant requests or applications. We communicate privately with grant recipients and grow life-long relationships with them while remaining behind-the-scenes. Our anonymous gifts help our grantees do prominent work in their communities and in themselves.

Kalos: The Cultural VC

Kalos is like an early-stage Venture Capital fund, except our reward is social and spiritual renewal, not money. Like a VC, we shoot for outsized returns from a modest initial investment. Like a VC, we advise and support our grantees, helping them reach their fullest potential. Kalos is a strategic venture fund for social and spiritual capital.

Kalos: The Priorities

  • Sponsoring Educational Opportunities: Opportunity for education, especially in technical fields, should not be restricted to those with privilege.
  • Building Caring Communities: Urban american communities should be more powerfully and tightly connected.
  • Empowering Development: Entrepreneurship should be open to all of the world’s citizens.
  • Supporting Spiritual Transformation: The Christian mission is a powerful tool both for broad social change and holistic personal transformation

Recent Projects

See how we've put our values to work and achieved big results.

  • Transformation through the Arts: Waterfall Arts

    Waterfall Arts Foundation Logo

    We support Waterfall Arts Foundation, cultivating a culture of care through art and faith innovations in order to restore the dreams and hopes of artists everywhere.

    Big results: Artist residency, prayer groups and bible studies, curating significant exhibitions related to faith and art.

    Sponsored under KalosWorks.org

    Visit Waterfall Arts Foundation's Website
  • Transformation through Film: Windrider

    Windrider Logo

    We support Windrider Institute, using storytelling through visual media to effect value-defining transformation in culture.

    Big results: Windrider Forum at Sundance Film Festival, Windrider Film Showcase at Q 2020 Virtual Summit, short films “Identity”, “Ground Zero” and “Kintsugi”

    Sponsored under KalosWorks.org

    Visit Windrider Institute's Website
  • Higher Education Scholarships: California Community Foundation

    CCF logo

    With the California Community Foundation, we created a scholarship program to allow outstanding students of any financial means to pursue higher education.

    Big results: Successful careers in Medicine, Engineering, and Pharmacology

    Sponsored under KalosWorks.org

    Visit California Community Foundation's Website
  • Community Service and Engagement: Big Sunday

    Big Sunday Logo

    We funded an annual program run by Big Sunday to incentivize community service for public schools and in needy areas of Los Angeles.

    Big results: Renovated and enhanced classrooms, playgrounds, and schools through the efforts of the local community

    Sponsored under KalosWorks.org

    Visit Big Sunday's Website
  • Microfinance for Education: Opportunity International

    Opportunity International Logo

    With Opportunity International, we help fund proven, sustainable solutions to break the generational cycle of poverty.

    Big results: Simple savings, insurance, and loan programs enable poor families to send and keep their children in school. Children of all backgrounds can become leaders in their own community.

    Sponsored under KalosWorks.org

    Visit Opportunity International's Website
  • Training Global Christian Leaders: Fuller Theological Semenary

    Fuller Logo

    We support Fuller's School of Intercultural Studies, training global leaders who bring about Gospel-driven change resulting in holistic transformation.

    Big results: Graduates have become transformation leaders in Japan, Gambia, Morocco, Ethiopia and Ghana

    Sponsored under KalosWorks.org

    Visit Fuller Theological Seminary's Website
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How to Help

The Kalos principles and areas of focus represent areas of giving that we believe provide high return on investment. It would be a dream of ours for the Kalos mission to inspire other donors to take on the same approach. Small or large, your investments in social and spiritual renewal contribute to a more just world. Consider your own community and where a small seed will grow best.